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Dissemination programme

The Government’s Affordable Housing agenda identified four priority initiatives to be implemented. The State Department for Public Works is a critical enabler in delivering Affordable Housing in major urban areas across the country. Research on innovative and sustainable building materials is essential to providing affordable housing. In Executive Order Number 1 of 2022, the State Department for Public Works through Kenya Building Research Centre (KBRC) is mandated to provide building research services and promote the utilization of innovative building materials and technologies in the country.

  • Shortages of affordable and decent housing contribute to the following, which KBRC aims to address through dissemination:
  • High cost of building and construction.
  • Lack of Information on alternative and innovative building materials and technologies.
  • Negative perception of innovative building systems and processes.
  • Lack of access to appropriate building materials.
  • Poor Housing amenities.
  • A foreign exchange loss on the importation of building materials.
  • Unemployment.
  • Climate Change.

To address these challenges, KBRC conducts research to identify potential sources of innovative building materials and technologies in the country. The research findings are compiled in various reports, catalogs, and sample materials available for documentation and dissemination. Kenya Building Research Centre’s strategy for dissemination includes presentations and exhibitions in sector-specific events such as seminars, workshops, conferences, shows, and trade fairs. The center has permanent exhibition facilities at the headquarters and is also on display through its website.

The primary purpose of the exhibitions is to showcase and demonstrate emerging products, services, study activities and examine recent trends and opportunities in the building and construction sector. The show is open to the general public but more specifically to professionals and contractors in the construction industry and students undertaking courses in building and technology. The exhibitions aim to attract building research interests further and inspire the public with a wide range of housing solutions.

Innovative materials and technologies
  1. Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (ISSB)
  2. Expanded Polystyrene Systems (EPS)
  3. Plastic Roofing Technologies
  4. Stabilised Concrete Interlocking Blocks
  5. Prefabricated Concrete Panels
  6. Prefabricated Concrete Building Components and Fixture
  7. Light Gauge Steel Technologies
  8. Bamboo
  9. Eco and Natural Paints
  10. Ceilings
  11. Coral Stone / Coral Dust
  12. Slates
  13. Lime Stone / Terrazzo
  14. Burnt Clay Bricks (Industrial and Jua Kali)
  15. Rice Husk Board
  16. Agricultural Waste Building Technologies
  17. Steel Nails (Fasteners)
  18. Resin Flooring Technology
  19. Cement / Cement by-products
  20. Selected Building Tools made as per SME (JUAKALI) Production Manual 2019
  21. Plastic Doors and Windows